Infant Bib Overview

Unique Tuck-in Design

  • The infant bib tucks inside baby's collar providing complete protection from stains and wetness.
  • Guards against protein based stains (e.g. formula stains) that are difficult to get out and are the reason why baby's clothes may yellow after months of storage.
  • Water resistant inner layer keeps clothes clean & dry
  • Pill-Free snaps - Unlike Velcro, which sticks to everything in the dryer, the metal snap closure will never pill baby's clothes.
  • Reduce loads of laundry by not having to change baby's clothes several times a day.
  • Never pre-treat collars again
  • Pass down baby's clothes stain free

How to tuck in a Tuckaroo:

How to tuck in a Tuckaroo
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Infant Baby Bib
3 to 12 months
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