How the Tuckaroo was Born

The Tuckaroo is the brain child of Kerry Mazzacano, founder and creator of Baby Delicious Inc.

I came up with this idea 9 years ago after I stepped out of the work world to raise my daughter. I was blessed with this new baby that came along with new clothes, new towels & new toys which was easy to keep clean for the first few months. Then came the infamous Stage 1 foods. Pureed carrots and string beans wreaked havoc on her pink velour outfits causing me to become stain obsessed. I had the mindset of a typical first time mother that if my baby wore stained clothing that it correlated to a dirty baby which meant I was not doing my motherly duties. I was so concerned about the stains primarily because I wanted to be able to pass her clothes down and no one passes down stained clothing.

It was at that time that Oxi-clean came into my life. I would soak her collars in buckets of oxi clean for 3 days and then washed them 3 times because they were in chemicals. I vividly remember mixing a bucket of clothes with a wooden spoon and thinking there has to be a better way and that's when it hit me....the solution to my problem! I ran up to my sister's house and we glue gunned our first prototype. I would share this idea with mothers of all ages with children of all ages and and received the same response over and over...what a simple, but brilliant idea.

Now fast forward 9 years and after having a second baby, running a marathon and moving to a new house I finally felt I had the time to make my idea a reality. After working relentlessly day and night for years I completed my first production of Tuckaroos in Brooklyn, NY. Never in my wildest dreams did I know that it was going to be as hard as it was and Murphy's Law did apply. I was a one woman shop that wore all hats - legal for securing the patent and trademarks, product design, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, website development and product distribution. I was shocked to learn that the textile industry simply does not exist in the U.S anymore and that trying to produce in China was not only extremely difficult, but very costly. It was a heavy lift, but if it was not for the love and support of my family & friends I would not have been able to create a unique, innovative and safe product for the masses. I still have a lot of making up to do for my kids, but it was with their help that the Tuckaroo will revolutionize the baby bib industry becoming the #1 everyday bib. It is also one of the only products that you will find in the marketplace that is packaged BACKWARDS.

Enjoy your Tuckaroo!

Kerry Mazzacano
Baby Delicious, Inc.

First Glue Gunned Prototype

First Bib

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