About Us

Baby Delicious is proud to introduce the all new Tuckaroo! A revolutionary new invention, created by a mother, Kerry Mazzacano, that is sweeping the baby industry. This homegrown idea solves the problem every mother faces.....stained collars. The simple, but clever patented design will now save all mothers across America time and money. The inspiration came from a classic but flawed design. The traditional baby bib was created to protect baby's clothing, but fell short and has fallen short for decades. The Tuckaroo will certainly revolutionize baby bibs and become the new industry standard. Mothers will refuse to live without it!

Here is how Baby Delicious reinvented the baby bib:
Founder, Kerry Mazzacano, often gives her Italian man scenario to explain this product. She starts by saying, "Imagine an Italian man in a restaurant who takes his napkin and tucks it into his collar; take that concept and apply it to a bib. It's a bib with an extra piece of material that gets tucked inside baby's shirt completely encasing the collar and protecting it from stains and wetness. She wanted to call it Bada-Bibz, but felt Tuckaroo had a bit more mass-market appeal.

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